This originally started as an investigation into my own branch of the Wombwell family, but soon outgrew this in two directions. On one hand it became an attempt to include most of the branches of both my own and my wife Margaret's families in the last few generations, while on the other I wanted to see how the various Wombwell families from North-West Essex linked together.

My father, Owen Wombwell, was the son of George Wombwell and Annette Franks. Owen married Kath Castel who was the daughter of Kate Wernham and Francis Castel. Margaret's father, Sebert Bray, was the son of Alfred Bray and Edith Wood. Sebert married Sheila Iron, who was the daughter of Herbert Iron and Mary Nicolson.

I haven't yet been able to follow some of the family groups up in any detail, so we have variable information on:

You are welcome to have a good look at the facts as I know them. If you find any errors, or if you can provide me with further information, I will be pleased to hear from you. Either way you can contact me on Email george@wombwell.net

The signature at the top of this page is from the Land Tax Assessment for the parish of Clavering in Essex - one Joseph Womwell was one of the assessors and this is a scan of his signature - I've cheated and inserted a 'b'!

You may wonder about the numbers in brackets after each name in the tables - they are merely my own record numbers.

On the way I have collected a number of 'strays', people who are named on the same documents as those in which I have an interest but who are of no interest to me. I intend to update this list as frequently as feasible in the hope that my strays will be of importance to others! At present they consist solely of people from the christening register at Arkesden, a village in North West Essex. Try it and see, you never know.

George Wombwell

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